Daily Mail
November 24, 2010

Editor’s note: Follow the link below and take a look at the photos on the Daily Mail website. Once again, so-called “anarchists” are said to be responsible for property damage. As we have reported on numerous occasions, police have been exposed dispatching agents provocateurs as anarchists in order to disrupt and discredit political activism.

Police officers were seriously injured today as angry demonstrators protesting against the hike in tuition fees again brought chaos to the streets.

Around 10,000 students and protesters flooded London for a new demonstration just a fortnight after anarchists unleashed mayhem at the Tory Party headquarters. More than 25,000 students in total are believed to have taken part in protests across the country today.

Scotland Yard, determined not to be caught on the hop a second time, ensured hundreds of officers were on duty and quickly reinforced numbers as flashpoints developed.

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