Some people thought Obama would create an emergency and suspend elections. But now it looks certain the success of Trump and his supporters in crashing the GOP’s private party has produced an existential emergency for the elites that, in their minds, justifies openly shutting down the election.

First RNC Chair Reince Preibus said the primaries aren’t about elections but about candidates trying to “join us.”

Now other RNC officials and delegates are saying voters’ wishes don’t matter and questioning why we even bother with primaries and caucuses.

They suggest the nominating convention is wide open to former candidates and non-candidates like Speaker Ryan on the same day former speaker Boehner says he wants Ryan coronated as President.

Watch: Roger Stone breaks down the GOP elite’s plan to rob Donald Trump of the upcoming election. As they brazenly admit their plan publicly, Stone announces that Trump is well aware and has his own plan to stop their attempt to crush the voice of the American people.

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