As technology advances, making AI (artificial intelligence) and cybercrime tools such as malwarecommonplace, the future landscape of attacks is likely to involve a highly advanced merger of the two. Joon Son Chung of Oxford University, Andrew Senior, Oriol Vinyals and Andrew Zisserman of Google developed an AI-powered lip reading algorithm that is capable of deciphering nearly double the amount of words as a professional human lip reader.

Google and Oxford University researchers, in their paper titled Lip Reading Sentences in the Wild, detailed how they created a lip reading neural network that actually outperformed a human professional. The researchers used Google’s DeepMind neural network, training it to lip read by using thousands of hours of BBC TV videos, which showed the AI a wide variety of people speaking in different ways.

Although research involving AI-powered lip reading is not new, some experts fear that this technology could also lead to a new highly advanced wave of spying attacks.

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