dbTechno | June 27, 2008

Washington (dbTechno) – Roche, the makers of the leading bird flu vaccine, Tamiflu, are currently urging companies to stockpile the vaccine to better prepare for an influenza pandemic.

Many scientists continue to be under the impression that it is only a matter of time before an influenza pandemic takes place.

The belief is that Roche is doing this to both increase sales of its product, and also to once again remind people of the major threat that is the bird flu.

Roche has released a statement detailing their new plan to allow companies to purchase stockpiles of Tamiflu. They stated “Under the new plan, businesses pay a nominal annual free to reserve their own stockpile of Tamiflu, which Roche will store and rotate to keep in date.”

The plan has been fully endorsed by the Health and Human Services Department in the U.S.
In order to take part in the program, a business in the U.S. has to order more than 2,500 doses of Tamiflu.

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