Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan stopped by the Infowars command center last month and imparted his views on critical threats to free speech, media manipulation, cult programming and more.

In a soon to be released interview with Infowars’ Lee Ann McAdoo, the rock musician diagnoses the mass mental illness afflicting Americans and outlines what needs to be done to find the truth amid a sea of distractions.

“To be talking about in America, in 2016, that Mao is a good idea, and that a socialist is running for president and that’s OK…” Corgan highlights as just a few signs of society’s moral degradation.

The business entrepreneur also broke down why users should question Facebook after it allowed an “Assassinate Donald Trump” page, in a sneak peek of the interview debuted last month.

“You see it all the time… as somebody who’s in the world and I have to watch what I say, when you see a page that’s literally “Assassinate Donald Trump” – and I believe Facebook comes out and says that doesn’t violate our standards and practices – OK, that’s where somebody like myself has to ask, ‘Is my participation in the Facebook system’ – and I would call it a system – ‘Am I actually encouraging something that as an American I would find offensive?’”

Check out the full interview tomorrow, Wednesday, May 11, here on and on Youtube at The Alex Jones Channel.

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