A new ad by “Rock the Vote,” the country’s largest “non-partisan” organization, is turning heads for its blatant advocacy of leftist talking points.

The three and a half minute video, uploaded to Youtube earlier this week, features several C-list celebrities pushing topics such as abortion and man-made global warming.

Images, such as a gun and padlock used to symbolize an obvious anti-Second Amendment message, flash across the screen repetitively to music by rapper “Lil Jon.”

Countless YouTube users took to the comments to point out the campaign’s obvious bias and attempt to attract low information voters through high-school level propaganda.

“This is the worst video I have ever seen,” one user stated. “Wheres the DNC logo on this video cause that’s all this was.”

“Is it just me or did Rock the Vote just dish out propaganda graded for the lowest common denominator with classic textbook examples of persuasive imagery?” another added. “I thought they were supposed to be nonpartisan.”

While both major political parties contain extreme corruption, the continued destruction seen from President Obama’s “liberal agenda” will only work to stifle the Democrat’s desperate plan to capture the youth vote.

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