Make it Eight, eh?
July 20, 2010

Pretend for a moment that you are the Bilderberg Group. You want to dominate the world. You need to get at China and the economy that is growing by leaps and bounds. How are you going to do it? How are you going to crack the shell, and get the Chinese hooked on America and the western world? And why?

“Why” is easy to explain.

The Bilderbergers were quite successful at lulling Americans into a slumber, found for the most part fat and happy in front of their television sets. With promise of less work, more pay, and more “toys” to play with, America and the western world developed a false sense of entitlement. They lost the basic survival skills. If the stock market returns and easy credit were going to keep us decadent, then why not ride the wealth wave. Why pay attention to what the government is doing? Why not trust that freedoms need to be stripped to avoid the boogie men from the Middle East? Who cares if body scanners cause cancer, troops and police beat up civilians, and the borders are collapsing around Mexico? We got iPads, iPods, cell phones, televisions and comfy couches – at least some of us still do.

The bankers on Wall Street, while America was sleeping were busy putting the finishing touches on their master plan to collapse America and other decadent societies. But, we already know this story, don’t we? The banksters as they are so well described had a mission of wealth transfer from the people to the globalists, and we are experiencing the beginnings of the end of life as we know it.

But let’s not forget, there is more wealth to strip, jobs to be replaced, and wages to be dropped in America. After all, if all the auto makers were left to die on the table, there would have been a huge human toll on standard of life. It would be so much wiser to, in the words Max Keiser would use, to ”keep the corpse alive so you can flog it again tomorrow”.

Enter Roger Altman – Bilderberg’s man of mergers, acquisitions, and supporter of Globalization. And, not to mention Chinese investment in the failing U.S. economy.

We should seemingly overlook his pro Wall Street stance, even though he is a Democrat who “fought” for the workers of G.M. as he assisted with the government takeover. We should not be surprised about his remark when asked about AIG’s 100 cents on the dollar, that the ”honoring of contracts” is a way to look at the bonuses paid –  for merit (not to be confused with undue “risk”)  To Altman, AIG payments were history – no sense bringing that up now, it’s over.

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We shouldn’t bat an eye when reminded of his support of Senator Obama as presidential candidate that he had no doubt would win the presidency.

And should we ask whether he supported the banker bailout, Hank Paulson’s job, the integrity of the “cautious” Goldman Sachs – please, really? – Do we need go there?

The important thing to know is that Roger Altman is a Bilderberger. He attended 2010 in Spain as Chairman of his “boutique bank”, Evercore. His specialty – mergers, acquisitions, advising on public pension plans, and he has a real interest as a company in attracting chinese investment in the mature economies. Yes, that would be America and the fire sale that would make it a great buy for chinese sovereign funds looking for a good bet.

Can you see the danger when a Bilderberger is trusted with advising on public pension funds?

Bilderberg might be very interested in having China get hooked on investment in American companies failing for a variety of reasons. An important one, is it would assist in the goal to drive wages down, chinese- style. It would also open up China’s trust to the western world. Perhaps the banksters could work their magic on the hardworking and underpaid in China, and turn them into the lazy, and more decadent society we have come to live in. Perhaps then, when the Chinese are not on guard, the bankers could work their plan of domination and control. They certainly need to crack the shell, and get a foot in the door.

Almost brings one to remember Rupert Murdoch’s desire to push for his news empire’s influence in China. What they see is what they want. And what they are told is what becomes “truth”. Glenn Beck would tell us – Fox brings the truth.

In the video clips below, we can assess Altman, the Bilderberger for ourselves, and see if the Bilderberg influence shapes his persona. Try to overlook the fact that his firm made tens of millions of dollars on assisting the government take over G.M.

In the second clip, pay careful  attention to the interview with his Evercore CEO, Ralph Schlosstein explain how China should be looking to invest in the mature economies of the world.

And if they come, they will bring their version of lifestyle, wages, standard of living. And, at that point, we may actually wake up.

Chinese investors wanted to buy ‘Hummer’. What if they took over G.M. in America? What would happen to the workers, their union, and their wages then?

Bilderberg’s mission to reduce the middle class to rubble would be well served with the selling off of America.

Roger Altman seems to be loyal to Bilderberg. There’s a good chance he wasn’t at Bilderberg in Spain this year for the golf.

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