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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange fears for his life because he’s poised to release devastating information about the Clintons at a video conference in Berlin, says political strategist Roger Stone.

“Assange correctly fears for his life because he has the deep secrets of the Deep State and he’s getting ready to spill the beans,” said Stone on The Alex Jones Show Monday. “Bill and Hillary Clinton know that it’s handcuff time and they’re apoplectic.”

Wikileaks’ initial decision to delay the bombshell Clinton release wasn’t unfounded, explained Stone, although the organization since decided for Assange to go ahead with the announcement at a Berlin press conference via video link.

“If he went out on a balcony as originally planned then he may be inviting that Martin Luther King Jr. moment which would be horrific,” Stone pointed out. “So he has chosen a safer way to disseminate this information.”

“I have enormous confidence in his [Assange’s] integrity, the accuracy of his information, and I have every confidence he’ll deliver the payload.”

The mainstream media will obviously try to gloss over the data dump, but Stone said that the information is so devastating that it will be impossible for the media change the subject or ignore the story altogether.

He also noted that more people are waking up to establishment corruption as the media abandons its journalistic integrity to cover for Hillary Clinton while ruthlessly disparaging Donald Trump.

“Too many people are onto the mainstream media and they correctly identify them with the rotting fetid New World Order,” Stone said. “They know that the media and the two-party duopoly are in bed together, therefore they discount most of what they’re hearing from network television.”

Although Stone and Wikileaks are not affiliated, that hasn’t stopped Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee from recently pressuring FBI Director James Comey to investigate Stone over an alleged meeting with Assange, an event which Wikileaks denied took place.

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