Trump confidant and former campaign manager Roger Stone is calling on the House Intelligence Committee to release a transcript of his closed-door testimony to the public, which he says will prove the allegations against him are false.

In a letter addressed to Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, Stone’s lawyer blames Democrats in the Committee, including ranking House Intelligence member Adam Schiff, for keeping his testimony secret so that the media can continue to misrepresent Mr. Stone’s statements. Stone at the time had demanded a public hearing and has been asking for the September 26, 2017 interview transcript to be made public for over a year.

“It is incredibly disappointing and patently unfair that Ranking Member Schiff, in concert with his Democratic colleagues on the Committee, have been able to make such inappropriate and untoward use of the actual transcript by exploiting ‘Committee secrecy’ as a shield behind which they could misrepresent Mr. Stone’s testimony, knowing full well that they could evade any definitive review or challenge of their misrepresentations as long as they could never be compared to the Transcript of Mr. Stone’s actual testimony,” reads the letter to Chairman Nunes.

“…Mr. Stone hereby demands the full and immediate release to the general public of the Transcript, such that the American citizenry and the world are able to evaluate for themselves Mr. Stone’s veracity. The Committee’s rules allow for such a release, if the Committee is so inclined, by a simple majority vote of the Committee.”

Moreover, Stone’s lawyer argues Schiff and other House Intelligence members have ignored the fact that Stone was approached by a longtime FBI informant during the campaign who attempted to “infiltrate and compromise the Trump effort” while possibly working for the Obama Justice Department.

“Mr. Schiff showed no interest whatsoever in investigating why the Obama Justice Department apparently sent a decades-long FBI informant to solicit a political strategist they knew had access to candidate Trump.”

Stone is confident a public release of his testimony, which is now being turned over to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, would negate the allegations against him.

“The release of my testimony will demonstrate it’s been Adam Schiff that’s been lying – not Roger Stone,” Stone said in an exclusive comment to Infowars.

The Republican political operative was swept up in the Special Counsel’s Russia collusion probe after a tweet he sent appeared to suggest foreknowledge of Wikileaks’ upcoming data dump of Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails, allegations which Stone has vehemently denied.

Read Stone’s letter to the House Intelligence Committee:

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