Trump is right; the press is so dishonest.

CNN used a truncated video clip of my interview with Stephan Molyneux urging people to go to the hotels of delegates, implying I am advocating violence in Cleveland when the GOP Kingmakers funded by the multi-national corporations and the Globalists who fund them try to hijack the Republican nomination from Donald Trump.

Here is what I said about the the Stop the Steal March Cleveland, as reported by Breitbart.

“We’re going to have protests, demonstrations. We will disclose the hotels and the room numbers of those delegates who are directly involved in the steal,” Stone stated in a radio interview with Philadelphia’s Dom Giordano the same day.

“If you’re from Pennsylvania, we’ll tell you who the culprits are,” Stone threatened. “We urge you to visit their hotel and find them. You have a right to discuss this, if you voted in the Pennsylvania primary, for example, and your votes are being disallowed.”

DISCUSS! Where is the threat of violence? We the people who VOTED for these delegates have a RIGHT to engage them.

The GOP is going to lose MILLIONS of new voters, disillusioned democrats and independents if this nomination is stolen from Donald Trump. Only Trump can win. We have a right to make our case .

Trump is the only nationalist in this race, the only believer in American Sovereignty. This is our last best hope against the New World Order.

Join me and Alex Jones for the Stop the Steal Rally in Cleveland July 18-21.

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