The Ted Cruz campaign is behind the attempt to oust conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly from the Eagle Forum she founded in 1972, according to GOP insider Roger Stone.

Six Eagle Forum board members who support Cruz are attempting to remove Schlafly, 91, as CEO and board chairman of her conservative group after she endorsed Donald Trump for president, and Stone revealed the Cruz supporters aren’t acting alone.

“It is a hijacking by a gang of goons, and as it will be proven very shortly, this plot targeting Phyllis reaches all the way to the top levels of the Cruz campaign,” he said Tuesday on the Alex Jones Show.

Stone described it as a mugging of a 91-year-old woman who was a founder of the modern conservative movement.

“…It’s not surprising; we’ve seen these tactics from the Cruz bots before,” he added. “Who can forget the way they planted a story on CNN that Dr. Ben Carson was getting out of the race and then they contacted a pre-identified list of Carson voters – thousands of them – and told them ‘CNN just reported Ben Carson’s getting out, so don’t throw away your vote; vote for Ted Cruz!’”

Stone, once a top-level political operative for Richard Nixon, said Cruz’s whitewashing of the Carson scandal reminded him of Nixon.

“[Cruz] was out there saying ‘well, I knew nothing about this’ – NO, he knew everything about it,” he said. “And the robocalls into South Carolina claiming Trump supports the gay and lesbian agenda… and telling pro-life voters that Trump and his wife supported abortion-on-demand.”

“He complains about dirty tricks – he whines about dirty tricks – but he’s the master of them.”

Schlafly told WorldNetDaily’s Jerome Corsi she was “completely depressed” over the attempt to oust her from the Eagle Forum, and Corsi later said the treatment of Schlafly was appalling to him.

“Here is a woman who is one of the most respected conservatives in America – who I’ve known for decades – and fundamentally fought to preserve the values of the family, God, religion and for our culture to have conservative values and small government, and she brought these women [on the Eagle Forum board turning against her] into politics,” he said Tuesday on the Alex Jones Show. “She has always championed women with dignity and respect while honoring the woman’s ability to procreate and bring children into the world… these are fundamental values Phyllis has elevated and these women would have been nothing if it hadn’t been for Phyllis Schlafly.”

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