The renewed Democrat attacks against presidential candidate Trump such as the “birther” issue indicate they are in full panic mode, said Roger Stone.

“Hillary at first tried to resurrect David Duke as an issue, when that got no traction we went all the way back to ‘birtherism,’ because some Clinton campaign poll somewhere shows that this damages Donald Trump among some voters,” said Stone on The Alex Jones Show on Tuesday.

Stone pointed out that Sydney Blumenthal, Clinton’s dirty trickster behind the scenes, was responsible for propagating the birther story in 2008 on Hillary’s behalf.

“David Duke, birtherism, none of these things are relevant to making this country great again,” said Stone. “To getting an economic resurgence in this country that will make us strong again, allow us to rebuild our national defense.”

Stone then warned that because the attacks aren’t appearing to hamper Trump’s poll numbers, the Democrats will turn to the legal system itself to remove oversight and steal the Presidency.

“In 1982 the Republican National Committee signed a consent decree with the Federal Court in which they in essence agreed not to combat – or even seek out – voter fraud,” Stone explained. “This was in the aftermath of 1981 New Jersey gubernatorial election.”

Therefore, he said, the Democrats could go to court just days before the election and make case that the RNC was an extension of the Trump campaign and prevent the kind of “stop the steal” activities at polling places which Stone observed during the primaries.

“This consent decree is a ticking time bomb for the Republicans,” Stone warned. “They’re [Democrats] going to try to remove our poll watchers.”

If the legal route doesn’t work, Stone fears the globalists may consider assassinating Trump.

“I still fear for Trump’s safety,” Stone admitted. “I don’t rule out that they might try to stage some assault on Hillary, but sadly, I think an attempt to kill Trump is not outside the realm.”

Reports that former president George H.W. Bush will vote for Hillary Clinton reveals the establishment’s ignorance and the fraud of the two-party system.

“The Bushes have always been tone-deaf and they’re discredited,” added Stone. “They’re presidencies are both abject failures, but they don’t get it. The people are onto them, and have figured out that it’s really one party. It’s a two-party duopoly.”

“Trump’s nomination is the hostile takeover of the Republican Party.”

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