Unconfirmed claims of Russia rigging the presidential election is the last desperate attempt by the dying media and the globalists to sabotage President-elect Trump, says insider Roger Stone.

“This is an effort aimed directly at the electors to try to spook the electors,” Stone said on The Alex Jones Show on Tuesday. “It’s the last grasp of the power establishment – the two-party duopoly, the globalists – to keep control.”

“Because they see control of the Federal government going to Donald Trump.”

“They’re still stunned that he won this election,” he added.

The globalists have now launched a concerted campaign against Trump and his administration with several steps, said Stone.

“The first step has been to harp on the popular vote, by which of course we don’t elect the president,” he pointed out. “Then secondarily was the phony recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, in the hopes that it would yield something.”

“Thirdly is this whole canard about Russia,” Stone continued. “We still have no proof of this whatsoever. It’s a theme, but it’s a theme without proof.”

“I don’t think the concerted campaign – and this is a campaign with multiple steps – is going to be successful.”

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway pointed out on CBS This Morning that the FBI and other agencies are in disagreement with the CIA’s assessment that the Russians hacked the presidential election because there is no real evidence.

“What [Trump] believes is that we should have evidence, not these off-the-record unsourced quotes and leaks from a House Intelligence Committee, where now you have the FBI arguing with the CIA over it,” Conway said.

The mainstream media has also tried and failed to label the alternative media as “fake news,” with publications like the Washington Post retracting their fake reports about alternative media working as Russian propagandists.

This Russian-Trump conspiracy theory is just more fake news from the failing Washington Post that’s incapable of stopping real news from being reported.

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