Former First Lady Michelle Obama will be the Democratic nominee to face Trump in 2020, says election expert Roger Stone.

The current frontrunner, ex-Vice President Joe Biden, is simply “cannon fodder” for the Obama political machine, said Stone in his exclusive interview Tuesday with Alex Jones.

“If Joe Biden wants to run, let him run,” said Stone. “He’s cannon fodder.”

“The Obama machine will sweep him aside and I still predict that their strongest nominee – their most likely nominee – would be Michelle Obama.”

Stone slammed Biden’s 24% polling position as a “sign of weakness” given his long political history, adding the former VP is one of the “weakest frontrunners” he’s ever seen.

“Some, to the untrained eye, will say ‘oh well, Biden’s in great shape because he’s the front runner,'” said Stone. “24% for somebody who served as eight years as Vice President is a sign of weakness, not a sign of strength.”

“Many ask me, aren’t you worried about a Biden-Trump matchup? On the contrary, I would relish such a contest. Joe Biden is one of the weakest frontrunners I have ever seen.”

Correspondingly, Jones brought up relevant intel from his CIA sources that supported Stone’s claim, adding that Hillary is part of the strategy to win the White House.

“The word is, I was told by CIA,” said Jones. “That they’ve been surveilling, they had meetings a year ago with Hillary and Michelle talking about running together and them debating who’d be the presidential nominee.”

Remember, as recent as February of this year, Michelle Obama was tied with Biden for the party’s top 2020 choice, according to a Hill-HarrisX poll.

It’s worth noting that pundits compared Michelle Obama’s book tour and the associated public relations campaign to a presidential run to a certain degree.

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