On September 26th I will testify to the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee in their ongoing investigation into whether Donald Trump, his family, campaign or associates colluded with the Russian State to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

I am testifying voluntarily and have requested nor received no grant of immunity.

I have been anxious to do so since several members of the Committee have made allegations in public session that I had advance notice of either the hacking of Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails or advanced knowledge of the content of material published by WikiLeaks that proved embarrassing to the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

As Factcheck.org, a non-partisan news organization funded by the Annenberg Foundation concluded on March 28th, 2017 both assertions are false.

The torrent of leaks and allegations from our intelligence agencies on the question of Russian collusion demonstrate the extent to which these various agencies have been politicized.

Repetition of the mantra that “the Russians colluded with the Trump campaign” does not, however, make it true.

The New York Times reported on January 20th, 2017 that the Intelligence agencies were in possession of emails, records of financial transactions and transcripts of telephone intercepts that proved that Trump associates Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and Carter Page actively colluded with the Russian State to assist the Trump campaign.

It is important to note that The New York Times The Senate and House Intelligence Committees and our Intelligence services have yet to produce any of these claimed materials simply because they do not exist.

The entire allegation of Russian involvement with the Trump campaign is based on the premise that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee and forwarded the hacked material to Wikileaks for publication.

In fact, the DNC refused the FBI access to their servers and this hacking charge is ascribed to CloudStrike, a forensic IT firm whose credibility is questionable.

A recent report by The Nation included the assertion by counter intelligence expert William Binney that more evidence exists that material stolen from the DNC was more likely downloaded to thumb drives and spirited out of the building, leaving no finger print of the Russians.

British Diplomat Craig Murray has said publicly that he was the recipient of these downloads and that he provided them to Wikileaks.

The reported meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney who claimed to have documentation of malfeasance by Hillary Clinton was neither improper nor illegal.

That the Russian attorney was in the United States without a visa raises serious questions as to whether this meeting, which produced nothing was a setup designed to provide the impression of Russian collision where there was none.

The entire allegation of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is the brain child of Clinton operative John Podesta, most likely to distract from the lucrative business contracts that he and his brother enjoyed with the oligarchs around Putin as well as the rich “speaking fees” paid to Bill and Hillary Clinton by this very same Russian clique.

In short the claim of Russian collusion with Trump is a politically motivated fairy tale.

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