Donald Trump is planning to use the Republican National Convention to make the unusual move of announcing names of potential cabinet members, Trump’s longtime confidant Roger Stone has confirmed.

Stone was speaking in an interview set to air Sunday night on this reporter’s talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM.

Stone stated:

I think that Trump is going to name a prospective cabinet and there is of course a way to do this in a way that is perfectly legal. Because technically of course to promise someone a federal job is a crime so Trump could theoretically say, ‘For CIA Director I would appoint General Mike Flynn or someone like him.’ ‘For Secretary of State, I would appoint, who knows, you know, Aaron Klein or someone like him.’

I asked, “This is breaking news, actually. Are you saying that you heard from within the campaign this is in the works? That is planned? This is what’s happening at the convention?”

“I think you could take that to the bank,” Stone replied.

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