Trump will announce his appointments for Secretary of State and Secretary of Interior sometime this week, the latter due to his desire to reduce federal land holdings, says insider Roger Stone.

“I think you’re going to get a Secretary of Interior this week, and I think you’re going to get a Secretary of State this week,” Stone said on The Alex Jones Show Sunday. “This week is going to tell us a lot in terms of the President-elect’s appointments, and those are pivotal.”

The Secretary of Interior position is now on Trump’s radar along with the Secretary of State because Trump has big plans to reduce the power of the Bureau of Land Management.

“Trump has made a lot of pledges regarding federal lands, he’s easing up on control of federal lands and people are going to be seeing if he’s going to fulfill his commitments,” Stone said.

Contention over Mitt Romney as Secretary of State reached its peak Sunday when top Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN and NBC, commenting that Mitt Romney’s potential appointment as Secretary of State would be a “betrayal.”

“It’s just breathtaking in scope and intensity the type of messages I received from all over the country,” Conway said. “I think there are concerns that those of us are loyal have, and we want a Secretary of State who’s loyal to the president.”

Romney is set to meet with President-elect Trump tomorrow to find out if he will get the position, which sources have indicated he will not.

“Mitt Romney didn’t just not support Donald Trump, he called him a ‘con man’, a ‘phony’, and a fraud,” Stone said. “That’s not like saying he’s not qualified.”

“But more importantly, his appointment would send a signal to world leaders and everybody in the United States that you can essentially dump on Trump and nothing happens to you.”

“I commend Kellyanne Conway for saying what everybody at the grassroots in the Trump movement is saying,” he added.

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