Joe Wäges
February 3, 2011

North Texas awoke this morning to one of the coldest mornings in some 15 years. While the east coast is dealing with the aftermath from one of the most severe winter storms ever seen, America and indeed the entire northern hemisphere is dealing with one of the most extreme winters in living memory. But another surprise hit North Texans. This was no natural disaster, it was completely self inflicted.

What I’m referring to is the rolling blackouts that have been mandated by the EPA and enacted by ERCOT under their authority. The public face is one of austerity. The claim is that there simply is not enough power available for distribution.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has ordered utilities to begin rotating electrical outages to compensate for a power shortage linked to the extreme cold weather.”

This claim is easily refuted when one examines that ERCOT themselves admit that this past summer they had about a 22% overcapacity in part due to the ongoing recession.

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ERCOT, which manages the state’s power grid, is required to keep a margin of at least 12.5 percent to prevent extreme weather conditions from forcing brownouts and blackouts.”

By law ERCOT is required to estimate future demand and set aside at least 12.5% overcapacity as a safety factor, to account for extreme and unforeseen circumstances and natural disasters. Certainly the loads on the grid must be comparable to peak loads experienced in the midst of summer. When one considers that unlike the summer when electrically operated HVAC systems are at peak load, the demand for electrically generated heat in winter is diminished due to the demand being satisfied by both electric and natural gas powered heating systems. If the problem is not one of capacity then ERCOT must have been ordered by the EPA to begin cutting power to the grid.

What might the motivation for these blackouts be? I hope you are sitting down. In an effort to curb CO2 emissions linked to the discredited and castrated theory of global warming, the imposition of rolling blackouts was an effort to keep the state of Texas from breeching the new carbon quotas now enforced by the EPA. Unbeknownst by most people, the EPA had a court issued stay lifted from them implementing their plans on January 19,2011. According to

“A federal court last week lifted an emergency stay that had prevented the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from proceeding with a Federal Implementation Plan (FIP) for Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permitting of greenhouse gas sources in Texas while it considered legal challenges against the agency’s authority. The court’s decision means that EPA-issued regulations can curb greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and other large stationary sources in that state.”

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Therein is the real purpose for the rolling blackouts. In order to keep Texans from breeching a bureaucratic quota whose goal is to save humanity from an imaginary threat, we must all freeze. Remember that we must all sacrifice if we are to defeat global warming, and the real enemy of humanity is of course itself.

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