Kurt Nimmo
April 30, 2011

Sick and tired of high gas prices? It’s all Obama’s fault, according to Mitt Romney, who pumped his own gas on Friday as the cameras rolled.

“It’s a marketplace and if America is not serious about getting our own energy resources in line, then we are going to have higher and higher prices in part today as a result of the expectations of higher prices tomorrow,” Romney said, according to Reuters.

During a dinner sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, Romney said he wants to hang the “misery index” around Obama’s neck.

“You remember during the Ronald Reagan/Jimmy Carter debates? That Ronald Reagan came up with this great thing about the ‘misery index,’ and that he hung that around Jimmy Carter’s neck, and that had a lot to do with Jimmy Carter losing. Well, we’re going to have to hang the ‘Obama Misery Index’ around his neck. And, I’ll tell you, the fact that you’ve got people in this country, really squeezed, with gasoline getting so expensive, with commodities getting so expensive, families are having a hard time making ends meet. So, we’re going to have to talk about that, and housing foreclosures and bankruptcies and higher taxation,” he said.

Romney knows the president has little to do with gas lines and rising commodity prices. He’s just playing the establishment political game where the guy from the other party – that is to say the flip-side of the same party – takes the heat.

If we are unfortunate enough to end up with Romney in the White House, it will be his turn to take heat from Democrats. It’s a tag team game. Meanwhile, nothing changes and the nation continues its slide down the tubes.

Prices are sky high on gas, food, and commodities because the U.S. dollar is being sabotaged by the Federal Reserve and the bankers who own it. Romney’s misery index was created by the Fed.

Even CNBC, usually an obedient lickspittle, admits the Fed is to blame: “A combination of factors accounts for the weakness, with the Federal Reserve’s easy-money policies, huge national debts and deficits and the consequential possibility of a debt downgrade because of the financial mess in Washington leading the way.”

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Obama blames the speculators for high gas prices. He promises to unleash Eric Holder and the Justice Department on them. “We are going to make sure that no one is taking advantage of the American people for their own short-term gain,” Obama read from his teleprompter screen as the gathered plebs politely applauded.

It’s not the speculators who are to blame. It is the Federal Reserve with the complicity of Congress and Obama, who are after all merely grocery clerks for the bankster elite.

Dollar devaluation is a direct result of the Federal Reserve printing funny money out of thin air in order to pay an engineered annual federal deficit. In fact, it no longer even prints the money – it just enters a few more digits in a computer.

“There are three primary culprits for today’s high gas prices, and none of them are speculators,” writes Craig Steiner. “The Federal Reserve is directly responsible for the rising prices of oil and other commodities. It is the Federal Reserve that has engaged in QE1 and QE2 and, as a result devalued our dollar which in turn raises prices of commodities such as oil that are priced in dollars.” Obama and Congress carry out the ruinous policies designed by the Federal Reserve.

“It is Obama and Congress that are causing the federal government to spend so much money that new dollars have to be printed to satisfy its borrowing needs. If the government weren’t borrowing so much money, the Federal Reserve wouldn’t be compelled to print money so we wouldn’t be facing the price inflation we are facing in oil and other commodities.”

In fact, the Fed is not compelled to do anything. It designed the Federal Reserve system specifically to lock the nation into a perpetual state of debt slavery.

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Earlier this month, presidential hopeful Romney made it clear he has no intention of going after the Federal Reserve. “I’m not going to spend my time going after Ben Bernanke. I’m not going to spend my time focusing on the Federal Reserve,” he told Larry Kudlow. “I think Ben Bernanke is a student of monetary policy,” Romney added, “he’s doing as good a job as he thinks he can do.”

Romney and the Republicans will blame Obama and the Democrats while Obama and the Democrats blame Wall Street and the speculators who have packed Obama’s cabinet since day one. It’s a shell game, a parlor trick, a sleight of hand.

If the American people continue to allow this charade to continue, they deserve to be cut down by the financial Sword of Damocles now hanging by a thread over their heads.

It looks like Ron Paul will run. The American people better get behind him. It’s probably our last chance to save the nation and prevent the slide into grinding poverty and third world status.

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