Editor’s Note: As the Mainstream Media continues to deny the existence of Ron Paul, other globalist middle management job hopefuls are left to tear small pieces from each other in their quest for the regional CEO position – President of the United States. Already, most gatekeeper pundits have declared Romney the defacto winner of the GOP nomination, a traditional tactic which is the reason why American polling numbers always remain lower than expected.

Ewen MacAskill

January 17, 2012

Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney appeared rattled after being challenged by his rivals in a televised debate over his failure to disclose tax returns and the millions of dollars spent by his supporters on negative ads.

The debate on Tuesday night, at times raucous, came only days before the potentially decisive South Carolina primary, possibly the last state in which Romney’s main opponents can feasibly stop his run for the Republican nomination.

Although Romney enjoys an 8% poll lead over his nearest rival, Newt Gingrich, his uncomfortable performance watched by millions of viewers, many of them from South Carolina, may have cost him votes.

The number of candidates in the debate, the 16th so far, has been reduced to five, following the departure of Jon Huntsman earlier in the day. The main task of Gingrich and Santorum was to rein back Romney and both succeeded, leaving him at times looking hesitant, uncertain, irritated and overly defensive.

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