Jonathan Easley 
The Hill
December 22, 2011

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said President Obama’s uncle should be deported.

The president’s uncle, Onyango Obama, is an illegal alien and was arrested in August for drunk driving.

Speaking Wednesday on Howie Carr’s radio show in Boston, Romney answered affirmatively when asked if Onyango should be deported, saying the nation’s immigration laws should apply to all illegal aliens.

“Well, if the laws of the United States say he should be deported, and I presume they do, then of course we should follow those laws,” Romney said.

Obama’s uncle, a Kenyan immigrant, was arrested after he nearly ran his SUV into a police car in Framingham, Mass. He was later charged with a DUI, and reportedly asked to call the White House for bail at his booking.

Onyango was released in September after being detained for two weeks for violating a 1992 order to return to Kenya.

He is the half-brother of the president’s late father. He pleaded not guilty to the charges, and his case is pending in a Framingham district court.

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