Paul Joseph Watson
April 26, 2011

With Ron Paul now all but certain to officially announce his bid for the 2012 presidency, it is imperative that Americans understand that the Texas Congressman represents the United States’ last hope of preserving its position as a pre-eminent economic superpower and avoiding a Soviet-style collapse into an abyss of debt, depression and decay.

“Sources close to Paul, who is in his 12th term in the House, said he will unveil an exploratory presidential committee, a key step in gearing up for a White House race. He will also unveil the campaign’s leadership team in Iowa, where the first votes of the presidential election will be cast in caucuses next year,” reports the National Journal.

During an appearance on The View yesterday, Paul addressed numerous issues, including Obamacare and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Although for a while Paul indicated that he was undecided about whether 2012 was the right time to re-launch the Ron Paul Revolution, we were never really in any doubt.

As we pointed out last year, Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who can defeat Obama. Despite Obama’s plummeting popularity, Republican candidates expected to run against him, the likes of Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, have all lost support at a similar pace to the President.

Unless Americans want four more years of Obama, at the end of which the country will be little more than a rotting husk of its former glory, Ron Paul is the only viable solution.

Ron Paul is now 75 years of age, it’s virtually guaranteed that this will be his last run for the office of President. In 2016, which is coincidentally when the IMF predicts America will lose its crown as the leading economic superpower to China, there will be no new campaign, unless of course it is headed up by Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul.

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However, 2012 sees a confluence of factors coming together that shape a perfect environment for Ron Paul’s message of fiscal conservatism and a return to constitutional principles both domestically and in foreign policy.

As Joe Weisenthal writes for the Business Insider, Ron Paul’s presidential run will be a much bigger deal this time around.

“It’s just obvious that in the last four years, since the last time Ron Paul ran for President, the ideological center of gravity in the GOP — and the whole country for that matter — has shifted a lot closer to Ron Paul’s position,” writes Weisenthal, noting that even the mainstream media has now been forced to regularly address and even be critical of the Federal Reserve and its policies.

“In 2008, the GOP primary was dominated by serious candidates like Mitt Romney and John McCain and Fred Thompson and even Rudy Giuliani. They were content to basically ignore what Ron Paul had to say. This time, they’ll be fighting on his turf.”

Ron Paul is the only real alternative to the trail of destruction that Republicans and Democrats have left from continually launching new wars while sinking the country deeper and deeper into debt. The so-called “change” offered by Obama in 2008 has manifested itself as an intensification of the unaffordable military adventurism launched under George W. Bush.

Not only has Obama maintained the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, he has launched new campaigns in Yemen, Pakistan, and now Libya, the bombing of which cost the American people over $600 million dollars in just the first week, a price tag now likely to be in the billions, with no end in sight.

Even as the Standard and Poor’s ratings agency indicates that the United States is set to lose its AAA credit score, the Obama administration is looking to trouble in Syria and Iran as an opportunity to advance the geopolitical conquest of the middle east. But as with all great historical empires, the beginning of their decline is usually at the exact point when they overreach. America has now arrived at that stage, with its own cities rotting and decaying even as it attempts to capture new lands on different continents, and with the dollar rapidly losing its stability as the world reserve currency.

America can no longer afford to waste its resources on defending militants engaged in a civil war in a far flung country in north Africa, nor squandering them on propping up compliant regimes in middle eastern countries. None of this will even matter when the country collapses and crumbles from within and China hastily takes the reigns as the world’s policeman.

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Of the roster of leading candidates, Ron Paul is the only one who will bring the troops home, restore constitutional values, and set about repairing America’s devastated economic base. He is the only one who can rescue America from becoming a subordinate afterthought to the powers that will shape the globe in the next 50 years, China and the European Union.

In many ways, Americans have been gifted one final opportunity to rescue their country, and Ron Paul represents the nation’s last hope.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

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