Steve Watson
June 14, 2012

The following video from 2008 shows Ron Paul at his finest, explaining that endorsing a candidate you do not believe in just because they are the best of a bad bunch is not the way the American people are going to restore their country to a sound political footing.

“Half the people who vote for a president end up voting for the lesser of two evils,” the Congressman notes.

Paul explains that he had received a phone call from John McCain’s campaign requesting that he endorse McCain, who went on to become the eventual GOP nominee.

“I don’t like the idea of having two or three million people angry at me,” Paul continues, adding “The argument was he would do a little less harm than the other candidates.”

“We just don’t need to do that anymore… If you ever come to a point where you believe that the two parties are essentially the same, and the majority is outside the establishment, then it’s not very democratic. The process isn’t working,” the Congressman urges.

Paul then goes on to talk about Carroll Quigley, the historian who exposed the machinations of several secretive elitist control groups, such as the Council on Foreign Relations,  in his book Tragedy and Hope.

“The important thing about Quigley was that he claims he was on the inside and did part of the planning,” Paul notes.

The Congressman then reads a quote from Quigley expressing the notion that both parties have become coopted by the same special interests, that they should be rejected and the majority should form a third movement going forward if any real change is to come about.

Watch the video:

The sentiments and principles expressed in this speech by Ron Paul highlight exactly why so many are upset and downright angry over Rand Paul’s recent endorsement of Mitt Romey, and see it as a betrayal or a compromise of integrity.

Though Ron Paul himself has not endorsed Romney, it is clear that Rand’s endorsement was closely coordinated with his father.

Rand Paul explained this week that his endorsement of Romney was part of his attempt to work within the system to bring about change. However, as his father succinctly states in the speech from four years ago, the system is completely antithetical to change. The system is rigged to make sure the status quo is NEVER effectively challenged.

Congressman Paul, we implore you, it is not too late to reverse the damage that has been done. Listen to your own powerful words from four years ago. Listen to the Ron Paul of 2008, and truly cement your legacy as one of the founders of the modern liberty movement.

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