Paul emerging as Iowa caucuses approach

November 20, 2011

With just over six weeks to go until the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, two polls show Texas U.S. Rep. Ron Paul as one of the frontrunners in Iowa, even as most of the national media have written him off.

“Congressman Paul’s secret weapon is his organization and the dedication of his supporters. That’s huge in politics,” said Republican Party of Iowa Co-Chairman Bill Schickel, of Mason City.

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GOP outsider Ron Paul gaining traction in Iowa

Associated Press
November 20, 2011

COMMENT: This article is very fair, painting the picture of the candidate with appeal and organization enough to win that the mainstream media has otherwise failed to show.

ANAMOSA, Iowa (AP) — Texas Rep. Ron Paul is emerging as a significant factor in the Republican presidential race, especially in Iowa.

He’s been long dismissed by the GOP establishment, but the libertarian-leaning candidate is now turning heads beyond his hard-core followers – and rising in some polls – just weeks before the state holds the leadoff presidential caucuses and four years since his failed 2008 bid.

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