Liberty Maven | April 1, 2008

NOTE: Ron Paul is appearing on the Glenn Beck Show (CNN) April 1

Ron Paul and Glenn Beck have an interesting history. Last year Ron Paul canceled an appearance on Beck’s show at the last minute and Beck seemed to hold a grudge that went beyond his disagreement with Paul on foreign policy. He joined in with the near-sighted pundits and called Ron Paul crazy a few times. He implied that his supporters were like terrorists. Then something strange happened. When Ron Paul finally appeared on his show Beck told him that he “could french kiss him” when he heard Ron Paul talk about his position on taxes.

This proves that the introduction to Beck’s radio program is spot on when the voice over says his show is “the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment”. Glenn Beck is an entertainment opportunist, and I do enjoy his shows (both radio and TV) for the most part. He echoes Ron Paul on just about every economic issue. When the discussion turns to foreign policy though they could not be further apart. Tonight Ron Paul will be a guest on Beck’s television show. I expect most, if not all, of the discussion will be on the state of the economy and the Federal Reserve.

No doubt Ron Paul will attempt to make the point that America’s foreign policy expenditures are directly related to the downward spiraling economy. Glenn Beck will gloss over and/or change the subject if Paul makes this argument. This is sad because that is an argument Americans need to hear. It needs to be explored in a thoughtful way and I think these two gentlemen could be successful at doing that without raised voices.

I respect Glenn Beck because of his views on the economy. He is dead right, like Ron Paul. Though for some odd reason he can’t seem to take the next step and link the economy and foreign policy together as Paul does. It’s almost like Beck is a child who covers his eyes when he sees something that scares him.

The gold standard and competing currencies may be the only area on the economy where Paul and Beck may be in disagreement. We know Ron Paul’s position on this, but Beck’s is a bit of a mystery.

Glenn Beck has spoken out against the North American Union, a potential one world government, the possibility of the deliberate devaluation of the dollar in order to make way for a new currency, the evils of the federal reserve, the military industrial complex, the liberal bent of John McCain, and other favorite topics of the Ron Paul faithful. On all of these issues he is a close friend with Ron Paul.

Beck has also spoken out supporting the surge in Iraq, preemptive war, attack them over there so they don’t attack us here, and as he says, “shooting the bad guys in the head.” On these issues he couldn’t be more of a foe to Ron Paul.

It seems odd that Beck can be so right about one issue and so wrong about another. It’s almost like he uses rational thought to get to his economic position and neo-conservative group think to arrive at his foreign policy position.

It is not likely Beck will change his mind on foreign policy tonight, but if anyone can start him down that road it is Ron Paul. After all it was Beck that called Ron Paul the candidate today that most closely resembles our founding fathers.

NOTE: See Ron Paul’s hour long appearance on Glenn Beck’s show from December 2007 here. Also, audio from a later excellent interview (January 2008) with Ron Paul on Beck’s radio show is available here.

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