Steve Watson / | July 4, 2008

Congressman Ron Paul quoted French poet Victor Hugo in describing his new campaign for liberty stressing that “armies cannot stop an idea whose time has come.”

The 2008 presidential candidate spoke exclusively to the Alex Jones show yesterday and described in detail how he is continuing the work he started during his Presidential campaign:

“To me it is amazing how the young generation have just jumped on this, just realised what is going on and they put together the burden of debt and the wars going on and the welfare state. I think we’ve really lit a fire.” Paul told an audience of millions.

Though the name of Dr Paul’s campaign has changed, he spoke of how the focus remains the same:

“We have a new group, it’s called Campaign for Liberty, which is a continuation of the other campaign, it’s always a campaign for liberty as far as I’m concerned. It’s in it’s early stages and we are backing and promoting a big rally in Washington on July 12th, I will be there and we are pushing that.” Paul said.

The group is also scheduled to hold a rally in Minneapolis at the same time as the Republican National Convention in September, which the Congressman was denied a speaking position at despite picking up a number of delegates during his campaign.

The new group currently has over 66,000 members and is aiming to recruit 100,000 before September 2nd.

Paul spoke of the unique nature of the movement he has seen blossom over the past year.

“The wonderful thing about our revolution was that it proved the old adage that ideas do have consequences. The founders weren’t just a rag tag bunch of guys getting together saying let’s go after the British, they were philosophers, they knew history and they had this all put together and they knew and understood it.”

“The most unique thing about our Revolution was that for the most part when revolutions come about they come about on the failure of one state and usually one group of thugs replaces another. Our revolution was unique in that the people had more freedom rather than less freedom and it wasn’t just a replacement of one group of authoritarians with another group.” Paul continued.

The Congressman also spoke of his optimism for the future but added words of caution concerning those currently in positions of power.

“I am more optimistic now because of the response that we have had and the willingness of so many people to look at the federal reserve, but we also have to realize how powerful they are and how much control they have and how they run the government, but at least I think we are being more competitive.”

“So far they haven’t rounded up tens of thousands, but there’s hints that they might if things get out of hand, it’s on the books now so it’s a tough fight and that’s why our ideas, a continuation of the founders’ ideas, must have consequences.” Paul concluded.

Ron Paul also spoke in detail about the situation with Iran and the US economy.

Listen to the full interview below.

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