NY Daily News
February 6, 2008

Steve Miller, a 27-year-old Brooklynite for Ron Paul, just called in to report that poll workers at PS 180 (57th and 16th Avenue) wrongly informed a voter who wanted to cast a ballot for the Texas Congressman that there were only two Republicans on the ballot.

MIller, who is a volunteer poll-wacther for Paul, said the woman tried to vote on a machine, but was given an emergency ballot when the machine malfunctioned. She was then informed by “multiple” poll workers, who repeated their claims to Miller, (“right to my face,” he said), that Paul wasn’t on the ballot.

The woman did finally manage to vote for Paul, according to Miller, who said he has been spending the day traveling from one polling site to another to hand out Paul literature and talk to voters. He said he was asked to leave one site (PS 201) even though he was well behind the legal line that denotes the no-politicking zone.

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