Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Congressman Ron Paul has called on his supporters to organize a march on Washington DC, admitting that such a move would be “risky” but impossible for the media to ignore and could have a big impact on the eve of the Republican convention.

In a campaign update posted on You Tube last night, the Texan outlined his thinking behind the plan.

“One of the projects that I’ve been working on in my mind and in my head that I want to share with you….we ought to make a grand display, we ought to have a true march to show what our numbers are,” said Paul, adding that such a move would be “risky”.

Paul said that the march was necessary because the media would not be able to ignore it and such an action would “send a powerful message.”

“Others have gone to Washington and people remember the grand rallies, so I’m at the point where I think we have to make a grand stand, we have to stand firm and see where the numbers are and be counted and see if the remnant is there and see how big it is,” said Paul, adding that such a display could make delegates sit up and take notice at the Republican convention in September.

Paul said the rally was vital, “If we want to really take a stand for freedom, take a stand that nobody can ignore, to see what would happen if we really had this grand march on Washington.”

The Congressman said the march would have to take place within three or four months so that it would occur before the convention.

The prospect of such a huge public display is obviously going to send chills down the spines of the elite and they will no doubt be considering plans to infiltrate and provocateur violence so as to demonize legitimate demonstrators in the eyes of the watching audience.

Numerous important demonstrations down the years have been infiltrated by authorities posing as anarchists who instigate violence to give the police carte blanche to crackdown on peaceful protesters.

Nowhere was this more evident that in Quebec last summer where during the SPP summit protest, Canadian police were caught and later forced to admit to posing as violent rock-carrying anarchists as other police staged their arrest when they were pointed out as cops by protesters.

The potential of more staged violence is particularly high considering the fact that the media has engaged in a year-long campaign to insinuate that Ron Paul supporters are extremists, racists and possibly violent. They seized upon several “money-bomb” campaigns to link the terminology with Guy Fawkes’ 16th century Gunpowder Plot to bomb the British parliament.

During his campaign update, Ron Paul also emphasized why his supporters should not be disheartened by his recent decision to scale back his presidential campaign in order to safeguard his congressional seat.

“We do have to be very positive about what we have achieved this year, far beyond my expectations and far beyond the expectations of most of those individuals in the media who wrote us off rather quickly,” said Paul.

“If we drop the ball now, if we fade away and disappear, all the work and effort that we’ve done in this past year could be lost so that is why I believe we have to stay in this race and do what we can.”

“We can’t turn this around in a week or two or a year or two, but if conditions deteriorate as I suspect we have to have a hardcore of people who understand these issues who are able to rebuild this society,” he added.

“We need everybody to stay engaged and stay active and not be disillusioned that this is all over….we can’t drop the ball right now, we have to continue this process,” concluded Paul.

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