October 23, 2012

Former Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is endorsing five candidates running for the Maine State legislature, including three incumbents and two challengers.

In his endorsement letter to Rep. Aaron Libby, the Texas Congressman writes, “Because you have demonstrated that you are willing to fight for individual liberties and stand up for the Constitution, I have decided to endorse your campaign.”

The three incumbent legislators—Aaron Libby (House – Waterboro, Lyman), Beth O’Connor (House – Berwick), and Heather Sirocki (House – Scarborough)—all endorsed Ron Paul during Maine’s 2012 Presidential Caucuses.

The two challengers—John Logan Jones (House – Falmouth) and Mike Wallace (Senate – South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough)—both served as National Delegates for Ron Paul to the 2012 Republican National Convention.

“After a stunning victory at the Maine Republican Convention, Ron Paul’s endorsement carries significant weight with Maine’s conservative grassroots,” says Eric Brakey, the former Maine State Director for the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign. He currently serves as the Chairman for Defense of Liberty PAC, which has also endorsed the candidates.

“As the November elections approach for these candidates, I expect an outpouring of support from the grassroots across Maine,” added Brakey.


CONTACT: Eric Brakey, Chairman of Defense of Liberty PAC
Phone: 207-406-0897

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