Ron Paul explains how the CFR (a JP Morgan et al creation) and the Trilateral Commission (Rockefeller founder) are threatening the sovereignty of the United States and the US Constitution by attempting to create a North American Union.

Heidi Cruz is a CFR Member.
Ted Cruz is Canadian born and his father is Cuban-born, moved to Canada when Rafael “ted” was born.

Candian – Latino – US President married to the CFR.
Wake up Sheeple.

2nd video has a power-punch 60 second opening.
The speaker comments on the CFR from 1967.

PS – I’m also starting to think that the “New Push for Anarchy” is just ANOTHER way to lead people AWAY from the US Constitution.

Happy Watching:

Myron Fagan Exposes CFR (illuminati?) in 1967
Hear the first 60 seconds, though it is over 2 hrs.

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