Marc Gallagher
Liberty Maven
December 20, 2008

Ron Paul is sitting in a room breathing deeply. The air composition in the room is made of pure free market elements. Every place outside of this room has only trace elements of the free market. Just off of Constitution Avenue (how ironic) in Washington DC is a device built and turned on during Woodrow Wilson’s administration and became known as The New Dealio during FDR’s presidency. This device slowly removes pure free market elements from America’s breathable air.

Over the years efforts to switch off The New Dealio have been met with resistance. The device has an innate self-preservation. The more free market elements removed from the air the less people inhale free market ideas and the desire to demolish the machine wanes. In fact, it recently has become all too obvious there is very little free market air left in the world. Even those that historically stood steadfast in support of the free market have gone rogue and treasonous.

efoodsDuring the 2008 Republican primaries we had the chance to vote for a special man. A man who does not require free market breathable air. Ron Paul has the free market in the blood pumping through his heart. Like a super hero he is immune to our depleting free market air supply. For over 35 years he has been fighting The New Dealio and its effects. The media mocked and marginalized him. He was/is immune to that too. He resuscitated over a million people with his free market magic.

Some of the million have surrendered to The New Dealio and are now once again free-market-less. However there are a good number of us left fighting against the intoxicating hypnotic spell of gargantuan government and its false benevolent hand. It is the hand that feeds failure and starves innovation.

Ron Paul is sitting in a room breathing deeply. He inhales air void of free market elements and exhales air full of free market elements. He is the Anti-New Dealio.

The room Ron Paul is sitting in has a door. The door is being pushed closed by the nanny-staters and the evil grinning regulators. Those of us left must push back with all of our might so there will always be free market air to breathe in America.

And maybe, just maybe, someday The New Dealio will be nothing more than a bad memory for those of us who bathe in liberty and breathe in freedom.

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