March 4, 2012


With all of the votes tallied late Saturday night, Romney was the clear winner in the nonbinding poll with 37.65 percent support. Ron Paul finished second, edging Rick Santorum 24.81 percent to 23.81 percent, while Newt Gingrich was well back in fourth place with 10.28 percent. A tick over three percent of the caucus-goers said they were undecided or voted for someone else.


Paul was the only candidate watching caucus results in the state Saturday.

After the result was called, he told FOX News Channel presenter Bret Baier that his campaign team would continue to impress their case upon potential delegates in Washington.

“Our strategic plan is to go after the delegates,” he said, before admitting that eventually his campaign would have to start winning state contests.

Paul said he still considered all of the Super Tuesday polls as “potentially winnable.”

“The goal is to win the nomination. We don’t win enough [yet] but there is no reason you can’t build momentum and win even more,” he said.

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