Ron Paul 2008
February 8, 2008

David Weigel of Reason magazine reports on Dr. Paul’s CPAC talk, which boldly underlined the differences between genuine conservatism and McCain’s liberalism-posing-as-conservatism. Check out the article. (Weigel does overstate my influence when he refers to the “effect Ron Paul’s new hires like Doug Bandow or Daniel McCarthy” are having — and Doug isn’t a hire, but an unpaid advisor.)

As you would expect, the campaign has been pivoting and adjusting to the upheavals in the Republican race this week. Mitt Romney is out, and Super Tuesday has given John McCain a National Delegate lead — though he doesn’t have the nomination sewn up yet, not by a long shot. This new political environment is very favorable for Dr. Paul, as his CPAC speech suggests. We now have a clear contrast between the limited government conservative in the race, Ron Paul, and two tax hikers. Romney campaigned as a conservative, even if his record did not back it up, and a lot of conservatives believed in him. McCain and Huckabee are trying to campaign as conservatives, too, but many fewer conservatives are buying what they’re selling.

We’re already hearing from Romney supporters who are signing up for the Ron Paul revolution. There’ll be many more to come.

The new political environment provides many new opportunities. The fundamentals, however, are the same, and more important than ever: there is no substitute for precinct organizing. If your state’s primaries or caucuses are still upcoming, please join the Precinct Leader program immediately and start getting out the vote for Ron Paul. Your donations remain essential as well — the media is constructing a narrative in which John McCain is already the nominee and Mike Huckabee is his nominal opposition. But, if anything, the race is even more fluid now. Your support keeps Dr. Paul fights — and fighting ever harder. Romney’s down; Huckabee is next. And then John McCain.

The fight goes on to the Republican convention, where the national delegates who select the Republican nominee are going to be faced with a real choice: John McCain or Ron Paul.

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