Dr. Ron Paul said he’s for gun control, if gun control means disarming the out-of-control federal government.

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“The gun control issue is alive and well and I’m for gun control: I’m for taking the guns away from the bureaucrats in government and for… restricting the gun use by presidents starting wars,” he said Wednesday on the Alex Jones Show. “But no, they [the gun grabbers] will come if there is a [gun] confiscation or a broader registration, people are going to have to make up their minds to not participate in that.”

The former congressman also added he’s against people initiating physical violence against the government.

“I don’t advocate violence… for moral reasons as well as practical ones; they have way more guns than we have,” Dr. Paul stated. “But I also know that truth can win out in the end, so it’s getting the message out, whether it’s your program or what I do because they’re more now [alternative media] than ever before.”

Media pioneer Matt Drudge also made similar statements during an impromptu appearance on the Alex Jones Show a few weeks before.

“[Politicians] are all armed themselves, or they all have that security around them themselves,” he pointed out. “They don’t have to worry about [danger.]”

“I challenge Hillary, take away your Secret Service. Take it away now. Take away your Secret Service; dismiss them. Have no security around you; have no guns around you, Hillary. I dare you. I dare you.”

“Obama, same thing. Drop your guns, Obama. Take your Secret Service away, Obama. Take it all away. Leave the White House unguarded, Obama. Let everybody know there’s no guns on the White House grounds, Obama.”

Despite this obvious hypocrisy, Hillary Clinton in particular said repealing the Second Amendment was “worth considering.”

“You know, Australia’s a good example, Canada’s a good example, the UK’s a good example,” she said referring to the nationwide gun bans in these countries.

But she failed to mention that she supported shipping guns to Syrian rebels, the majority of whom are either ISIS militants or affiliated with the Islamic State.

“In fact she was the biggest cheerleader for redistributing these arms to Syrian rebels,” presidential candidate Rand Paul told Fox News in July. “The reason this is an important issue is many of these people who received the arms are not friends of America.”

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