Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul said Friday he couldn’t support GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump if Mr. Trump wins the party’s nomination, saying Mr. Trump’s views on the scope of executive authority could surpass those of President Obama.

“No, I couldn’t do that,” Mr. Paul said on Fox Business Network when asked if he would support Mr. Trump, should the billionaire businessman win the GOP nomination. “He’s [the] opposite of a libertarian.”

Mr. Paul, a three-time presidential candidate, said on foreign policy, Mr. Trump probably wouldn’t be that much different than former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic front-runner.

“I think the die-hard neoconservatives would not be that extremely unhappy with Hillary,” Mr. Paul said.

Trump is going to be the most efficient [at] using the executive orders,” he said. “He’ll say this is the way it is, you know. Obama was pretty arrogant. If you don’t do it, [the] Congress, I’ll write an order. Well, I thinkTrump [will] be 10 times worse on writing orders because he’s used to doing this, and he brags about it.”

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