Ron Paul revealed secession doesn’t really interest him in an interview with Infowars, which contradicts a Washington Post article characterizing him as a secessionist.

The Washington Post tried to paint the former congressman as a secessionist for speaking at a Jan. 24 Mises Institute conference in Houston, Texas, which revolved around the issue of secession, but Dr. Paul’s interview with Infowars after the speech refutes the Post’s claim.

“…I’m not as interested in that stuff [secession] as [I am] the principles of government, of power and the understanding of true liberty,” Dr. Paul said. “…What I describe is in the mist of the crisis where people would have to take care of themselves and there will be a secession system.”

In other words, he was describing an apocalyptic scenario in which states and local communities would have to hold themselves together because the federal government collapsed.

This has happened various times throughout history, such as the states that formed out of the former Byzantine Empire after its capital, Constantinople, fell to foreign crusaders in 1204.

More recently, local Louisiana communities helped themselves in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina due to the federal government’s mismanagement of the crisis.

But when it comes to major secession movements in the U.S., Dr. Paul doesn’t see that happening anytime soon.

“[Instead] I think we’d still be making progress in understanding local government and we might be able to back away from all this internationalism, including wars with the United Nations,” he stated. “I think the financial situation will probably challenge the IMF and World Bank and it’ll all be good moving in this direction.”

“But to think the federal government is going to tolerate the states seceding, I don’t think so.”

The Washington Post article even admitted Paul’s speech had little to do with secession, but the article’s writer, David Fahrenthold, buried this admission near the end of the piece so it wouldn’t interfere with his initial assertion of Dr. Paul as a secessionist.

The mainstream media is attacking the former congressman because his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), is expected to run for president in 2016.

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