Karen DeCoster
November 10, 2008

Ron Paul was interviewed by Alex Jones this week. He makes great points about the boldness and rhetoric of the Obama camp. He also points out that Obama is the chosen man of the establishment, and though he ran as a “man of the people,” he raised and spent a grotesque amount of money in his campaign. He mentions that Obama has been gunning for this power grab for a very long time. Ron talks about the plans for a world reserve currency, world regulations, and world government — meaning, a new monetary order. Remember way back when …… when people were making fun of those who opposed a New World Order because they understood where all of this hyper-centralization was taking us? Go into your closet and get out your tin foil hats, because they are going to be hip again.

The global crisis was orchestrated in order to bring forth more socialism, intervention, and bondage. Now Obama, the establishment’s man, will use the financial crisis to take control over everything that is left somewhat free from government intervention. He will intensify and grow the Bush security state, military state, and police state. His main goals will be to take control of natural resources and money. This will be the purpose of the New World Establishment. Paul also suggested that “any escalation could be facilitated by false flag events such as Gulf of Tonkin style incidents.”

As Ron Paul notes, McCain was selected as an “acceptable” backup man, should Barack Obama’s establishment-backed campaign fail. Barack Obama has been groomed to lead America into the New World Order. The fact that libertarians – even on this blog – once hailed Obama as a potential libertarian champion, is frightening.

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