Foster’s Daily Democrat
January 7, 2012

DURHAM — GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul made a final push to gain Strafford County’s undecided voters on Friday night at a town hall style meeting on the University of New Hampshire campus.

Paul was met with a standing ovation when he entered the Granite State Room just after 7 p.m. from an extended group of die-hards and faithful followers, who packed the room’s sitting and standing areas.

The audience, however, was of a different demographic than may have been seen at past visits on different presidential campaigns by Paul.

While the college crowd typical of Paul events was present in droves, the group that gathered Friday evening contained other types of potential voters as well, drawn together by the lackluster economy, a general worry about jobs and war costs, among other hot button issues.

Some of these diverse individuals included single parents worried about health care, entrepreneurs, veterans and undecided families who came together to either hear their chosen candidate speak or decide whether to give the former practicing physician their vote.

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