Last month, Global Gold’s Claudio Grass met with Dr. Ron Paul in Lake Jackson, Texas at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

Here we show you how their discussion unfolded.

Global Gold: Dr. Paul, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us. It is a pleasure to meet with you and learn your perspective on political and economic developments. But first, how would you describe your days since you’ve retired from Congress?

Dr. Paul: I’m staying busy! I’ve been involved in several things in my life. One was practicing medicine. That was very important, but I don’t do that anymore. Even when I got started into politics, I did both for a long time. When I left Congress and went back home I practiced medicine for twelve years. The other activity was promoting the cause of liberty, believing that it’s the lack of liberty that causes war and causes poverty and suffering and that if people were to understand the importance of personal liberty that the world would be a much better place. So the organization that I created was called “Campaign for Liberty” but all those years whether I was in Congress or out of Congress, I have been campaigning for liberty in different ways. When I ran for office, it gave me a chance to speak about the issues. It actually all started with the breakdown of Bretton Woods in 1971. That was a big monetary event for me because I’ve been observing the developments and had studied Austrian economics. Even though it was anticipated, it was still very dramatic when it happened. So, a couple of years later I decided to run for office. I did not expect to win any election because, as you know, my philosophy was different. It didn’t seem to fit the pragmatism that everybody wanted. When I got elected in ‘76, I started an organization called “The Foundation for Rational Economics and Education”, the F.R.E.E. foundation, which is also the parent of the new organization now, the Institute for Peace and Prosperity. Since leaving Congress, I went in different ways, including Internet broadcasting, programming and interviews; I do a bit of that. I also have a speaking activity, where I go as frequently as I can. College campuses have received me pretty well. I enjoy that and do a lot of it.

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