Congressman goes on media blitz to denounce illegal war of aggression against Libya

Steve Watson
March 22, 2011

Congressman Ron Paul made a sweep of television appearances yesterday to voice his strong opposition to the attack on Libya, and making it clear that the president is subverting US national sovereignty by bypassing Congress to engage in illegal acts of aggression.

Appearing on Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano, the Congressman pulled no punches when explaining why he believes Obama went to the UN for authority to drop bombs on Libya, rather than congress.

“I think he philosophically believes in one world government,” Paul stated.

“He wants to keep nudging us in that direction. I don’t believe he has a conviction that national sovereignty has any value. So therefore if they can diminish the Congress.” he continued.

“If he diminishes the Congress and he can get his authority from the United Nations then this enhances what he believes in. But he is not alone, the leadership in both parties has been nudging in that direction for a long time.” the Congressman added.

“To think of all the effort that the founders went to to make the Congress the most important body, that they are now the most willing to give up their prerogatives and give it to the executive branch and the judicial branch, and onward and onward. Our leaderships in the House as long as I’ve been there have always deferred to the executive branch.” he said.

Paul once again urged the American people to recognize the military incursion into Libya as a war of opportunity.

“It is unnecessary, it is wrong, it has nothing to do with national security, it has nothing to do with the defence of this country.” he said.

“I think there is more to do with it than just that. That may be their cover. It may be that oil is an important issue here. We didn’t go to Rwanda for humanitarian reasons, so I’m not to sure that oil might not be the real clincher here.”

Watch the video:

The Congressman also appeared on Cavuto on Fox and both Anderson Cooper and In The Arena on CNN, during which he made several salient points.

“I don’t think they are up front with this.” Paul told Elliot Spitzer.

“It is said we are going there for humanitarian reasons, but have you ever noticed around the world there are a lot of humanitarian problems. There is abuse of protesters all through the middle east right now but it’s being done by governments that we endorse – they are our “friendly” dictators.”

Watch the interview:

Paul posed the following question to Anderson Cooper concerning Colonel Gaddafi:

“Why was it that four or five years ago we decided that he was a reformed person and we would start trading with him again, after we knew he was a thug and he’s been a thug for forty something years?”

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On Cavuto Paul again struck out at the continuous revolving door of dictators that the US military industrial complex is involved with, as well as highlighting the financial fallout of endless war.

“The American people are sick and tired of this. We are in trouble here. We’re spending money overseas, we blow up countries and then we have to rebuild them at the same time we can’t even build our own infrastructure.”

Watch the interview:

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Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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