Former congressman Ron Paul told RT on Tuesday that the United States should look to the history books for advice on how to handle the escalating crisis in Iraq and pull the American military out of the country immediately.

Only days after US President Barack Obama authorized the Pentagon to begin airstrikes against militants from the Islamic State, formerly ISIS, in the midst of a violent campaign being waged by that group across Iraq, the longtime lawmaker for the state of Texas told RT’s Ameera David that America should abandon its latest efforts in the Middle East lest it wants to repeat the lessons of the last Iraq War.

“I think it’s a little bit late to salvage all the mistakes that we’ve made for the past 24 years,” Paul said. “I’ve been opposed to going into Iraq all the way back to the beginning in 1990 because I believe in nonintervention — that we should mind our own business.

“I don’t think the solution is being involved even more so once again. I’m afraid it will end up with a lot more violence because they are putting more troops in there right now,” the three-time presidential hopeful said in an exclusive interview with RT from his own Texas studio.

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