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Steve Watson
December 30, 2011

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul has commented on the emotional testimony of a man who explained how Dr. Paul came to his rescue when know one else would purely because his wife was white and he was black.

The video, released this week not by the Paul campaign but by independent supporters, features James Williams explaining how close to forty years ago Ron Paul was the only physician who would help him when his pregnant wife became sick.

Mr Williams of Matagorda County, Texas, says he believes no one would come to his aid and deliver the couple’s child “because of the difference, me being black and her being white”.

Mr Williams then explains how Ron Paul stepped in and took care of his wife and even dealt with the medical expenses after the baby was tragically stillborn.

Watch the video below:

Appearing on the Jan Mickelson radio show, Paul, was clearly emotional when the audio of the piece was played back to him.

Commenting on the video, Paul said “I’m amazed that they found that. If you’d have asked me to go back and find somebody like that I wouldn’t know.”

Explaining that although he does not recall the specifics of the incident, Paul added that he found it humbling to know how grateful Mr Williams is.

Watch the video:

The creators of the piece, Revolution PAC, now hope to raise enough funds to air a broadcast version in the early primary states. At time of writing the group have raised almost $28,000 but need to hit as close to $500,000 as possible for the piece to have a wide reaching impact.

The piece is particularly poignant in the face of continued baseless race based smear attempts against Ron Paul being driven by the corporate media.

We urge readers to donate whatever you can afford to Revolution PAC’s “The Compassion of Dr. Paul” campaign by clicking here.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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