Tom Walsh
Bangor Daily News
February 19, 2012

EAST MACHIAS, Maine — Texas Congressman Ron Paul was the top choice by a two-to-one margin in four presidential preference polls conducted by Republicans in Maine on Saturday as the state winds up its controversial GOP caucuses.

In Washington County’s supercaucus, Paul attracted 163 votes to Mitt Romney’s 80, and in the town of Hancock, in the county of the same name, Paul received 41 votes to Romney’s 16. Paul also picked up four more votes to Romney’s two in Clinton, which also caucused Saturday morning, and 19 votes to Romney’s seven in Eastbrook.

The numbers weren’t enough to overcome Paul’s 239-vote deficit statewide, but the poll is nonbinding, meaning the state’s 24 GOP delegates won’t necessarily be apportioned based on the results. However, the decisive wins might coolthe momentum Romney claimed after he was declared the winner in Maine a week ago.

Paul’s Saturday wins put him 117 votes behind Romney statewide, according to an unofficial tabulation by the Bangor Daily News.

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