Kurt Nimmo
January 9, 2012

Following the media orchestrated circus earlier today in New Hampshire, Ron Paul terminated an interview with CNN correspondent Dana Bash after she said a voter was “turned off” by his decision to leave the diner in Manchester.

Before terminating the interview, Paul said the chaotic situation at a New Hampshire eatery was created by the media. “It says something about the media,” Paul responded. “Because you, the media, did that,” he said, pointing at Bash.

Following the interview, the New York Times tried to make it appear Paul’s patience with the establishment media has run out.

“This is the second time that Mr. Paul has walked out of an interview with CNN. He did it in December, albeit politely, when the political analyst Gloria Borger asked about his involvement with inflammatory newsletters,” writes Michael Barbaro for the Times.

It was later discovered that CNN edited the video to make it appear Paul had abruptly ended the interview. In fact, the interview had concluded, but Borger continued to ask Paul questions. CNN and the establishment media then said Paul had stormed off in order to make him appear angry and petulant.

Paul’s exchange with Bash begins at one minute fourteen seconds in the video above.

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