Congressman clobbers “frontrunner” in Governor’s home state

Paul Joseph Watson
August 17, 2011

Fresh on the heels of his well-received second placing in the Ames straw poll on Saturday, Ron Paul has trounced so-called “frontrunner” Rick Perry in a presidential survey of voters in both candidate’s home state of Texas.

Rick Perry

“Answering the question, “If the Texas Republican primary were held today, which presidential candidate would you be most likely to vote for?” 22 percent of those polled selected Mr. Paul. Just 17 percent of respondents voted in favor of Mr. Perry,” reports the State Column.

The survey was conducted by Azimuth Research Group.

Paul has lambasted Rick Perry as another RINO Republican, a wolf in sheep’s clothing who poses as a firebrand conservative and yet through his actions has proven himself to be an establishment figure.

“[Governor Perry] is getting into the race, I think, doesn’t bother me at all, obviously because he pretty much represents the status quo. And the other candidates, in one way or the other, are part of the status quo. And I represent something different,” Paul said earlier this week.

Congressman Paul has made waves this week following controversy over the establishment media’s deliberate policy to ignore his candidacy, an issue that became the focus of a Jon Stewart Daily Show skit that has since gone viral and received millions of views after being posted on the Drudge Report.

In the days following the fallout from the straw poll result, the establishment media has now seemingly switched tactics. Instead of simply pretending Ron Paul doesn’t exist, they have resorted to re-hashing a decades-old smear about racist comments that were never even made or approved by Paul, a claim that was thoroughly debunked during the last presidential election cycle four years ago.

Watch Ron Paul’s bombshell new campaign ad below that is upsetting many amongst the GOP establishment.

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