State Column
January 8, 2012

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, dominated the Idaho Republican Party Straw Poll Friday night. The Associated Press reports that Mr. Paul won the Idaho GOP Straw Poll with 173 votes. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney garnered 135 votes for a second place finish and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich pulled in 47 votes for a third place finish.

“The Idaho Republican Party congratulates Congressman Ron Paul on his straw poll victory tonight,” said Chairman Norm Semanko, according to “It was a packed house tonight, the energy was contagious, and the Idaho Republican Party is looking forward to making Barack Obama a one-term President!,” Mr. Semanko added.

Mr. Paul’s supporters reacted with excitement to the Texas congressman’s victory Friday night. “It feels so good,” said Chris MacCloud of Meridian, according to the Idaho Statesman. “Just a lot of hard work, time and energy,” Mr. MacCloud added.

The Idaho Republican Party Straw Poll cost $30 to participate in and the vote was conducted at the Riverside Hotel in Garden City. The straw poll was part of a fundraiser for the Idaho Republican Party. Washington State Representative Matt Shea spoke in support of Mr. Paul at the Idaho Republican Party straw poll.

Due to his ability to mobilize supporters, Mr. Paul won a significant number of straw polls in 2011 and is likely to win several more straw polls in 2012 as long as he stays in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Prior to winning the Idaho GOP straw poll, Mr. Paul won the second-to-last 2012 New Hampshire Primary straw poll with 28 percent of the votes.

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