J T Coyote
January 29, 2012

On Wednesday’s Radio Broadcast (1/25/12), Alex reported a story on the most recent Ron Paul Newsletter “flap” regarding the OKC bombing. Alex said, “Fox News picked this up… ‘Paul Newsletter: OKC was an inside job’… This is Paul’s writing, I can tell… and you can get a grasp of it… no one knew what a false-flag was… in the month of April, that week [April 26 1995] he had a newsletter out saying this…I think Paul should run with this…”

This got me to thinking about what happened at the Colorado State Capitol the day of the OKC bombing and in the days following. I was senior intern for El Paso County State Senator Charles R. Duke, the father of the 10th Amendment State Sovereignty Movement, which was running full steam ahead at the time, so our office was essentially Information Central for the “Patriot Network” as the events in OKC unfolded.

We had experienced the spying antics of federal lobbyists in the Statehouse ever since we passed HJR-94-1035 the first 10th Amendment Resolution in April of ’94. They were keeping a not-so-stealthy eye on the growing 10th Amendment movement. A dozen or so states had already reaffirmed the 10th Amendment, putting the Feds on notice that the states were calling a Lawful halt to the increasing number of unconstitutional federal power grabs. Public notice was delivered to the President, Speaker of the House, and the Senate in Washington DC, as each state resolution passed.The Feds were fully aware of what the States were lawfully up to. Fact is, a State vs Federal collision was exponentially approaching a 38 state critical mass.

The day of the bombing the phones and the fax machine in Charlie’s Capitol office rang constantly. Virtually every patriot organization, liberty newsletter publisher, fax alert network, other state legislators, and hundreds of constituents from the district, were wanting information. During the last 2 weeks of April ’95 there were over 1500 return calls from the office to inquiries from all over the country. Charlie was called-on-the-carpet by the Senate “leadership” for the phone bill that month. This too did not escape the notice the fed’s embedded spies under the “Gold Dome”.

For the next few days, delivered pizza, cat-naps and coffee was the bill o’ fare. Initially the majority of callers thought the bombing was a “false flag” to take the country’s eyes off the BATF’s “Waco Atrocity” hearings, happening at the time.  By Sunday the 23rd, the day of the Second Amendment Rally on the Capitol’s west lawn, the motive for the OKC false-flag had taken shape. It became obvious by the Clinton media statements that it was clearly to demonize the 10th Amendment State Sovereignty movement, the Militia and Second Amendment movement, and other Constitutional Patriot organizations and causes.

In his speech at the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms” rally, Senator Duke asked the crowd of several hundred 2nd Amendment supporters, “How many of you believe the Oklahoma bombing came about as a result of the federal government?” The crowd erupted into rousing applause and cheers of affirmation. This scene was being repeated all over the country as the false flag suspicions grew. Yet with the exception of only a few local media and talk radio reporters, the landslide of popular support for a thorough independent investigation of government involvement in the OKC bombing went virtually unreported in the Federally Controlled Media.

Ron Paul, had decided to run again for his House seat in Texas at that time; he was one of those who contacted our office. I spoke with him on the subject, as I did with Phil Graham, and Bob Barr, among others… The idea that this horrible bombing was the realization of a federally orchestrated false-flag, was wide spread throughout the country especially among Patriots. It is no surprise that Dr. Paul would have published this information in his newsletter as timely and factually as possible. After all, the evidence then as now shows the false-flag truth behind the bombing, yet the Corporate media chose, and still chooses to mouthpiece the “OFFICIAL” fantasy instead. The federally controlled media, both print and broadcast helped the government story along and ran with it, morphed and obfuscated it, knowing that the average American would look no further than the evening news for the answer.

The bottom line is this… Ron Paul was just starting his campaign when Oklahoma City was bombed. Being a strict Constitutionist, he was naturally wanting to know what other Constitution supporting folks thought, many of whom were in the know regarding OKC. The globalists must understand that if they push on this particular button in Ron Paul’s background they will be opening a box they’ll be unable to close, it will spotlight their “false-flagging” from the Gulf of Tonkin to 9/11, insuring their complete exposure. All their pagan rituals and moneyed incantations will not save them. The veil will fall revealing hundreds if not thousands of high level perpetrators of mass-murder and cover-up. Many are in positions of power now as they were then, and many more still within reach of indictment.

I’m with Alex on this when he said, “I think Paul should run with this…” it just may be a way to dress-down the elitist cabal, open it up, expose and STOP their psychopathic, inbred, death worshiping, “Neo-Illuminist” coup, to take down America and the World.

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