February 5th, 2012

Ron Paul’s keynote address during announcement of yesterday’s Nevada caucus results.

Ron Paul turns to Minnesota

Kim Geiger
LA Times
February 5, 2012

Reporting from Washington— The last time Nevada Republicans caucused in a presidential contest, they delivered a stunning second-place finish to Texas Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian-minded candidate who had been largely written off, averaging last place in polls leading up to caucus day.

The lesson was that Paul may not appeal to a broad base of voters, but the people who like him can be counted on to turn up and disproportionately represent themselves at caucus events, which typically draw few participants.

Four years later, Paul has turned the lesson of Nevada into a national campaign strategy, focusing his attention on caucus states where his loyal followers could keep him in the delegate hunt.

That’s why the Texas congressman skipped the Florida primary and focused his efforts instead on Maine, a state that has been holding something of a multi-day caucus that Paul could very well win.

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