September 29, 2011

As presidential hopeful Ron Paul continues to gain momentum in his bid for the GOP nomination, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has suggested that the two of them could cause quite a stir if Paul would bring him on board as his running mate.

“It would create unbelievable excitement if Ron Paul and I ran as the libertarian ticket,” Ventura told radio host Alex Jones of Infowars during a Tuesday night broadcast.

The former governor and Navy veteran gave up a career with professional wrestling to enter politics in the 1990s. Following a term as mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Ventura waged a grassroots campaign as a candidate with the Independence Party to successfully win the race for governor of the state in 1998. Earlier this year he published a book titled 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read, in which he calls out America for dozens of conspiracy theories.

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