Former Congressman Ron Paul is fighting back against federally imposed Common Core education standards which threaten to indoctrinate America’s children with statist ideals by suppressing critical thinking and making children more dependent on government.

Paul recently joined Infowars for an in-depth interview about his new Ron Paul Homeschooling Curriculum program, which parents can find more about here.

Common Core, which is being federally imposed on states across the nation, is a huge shift in teaching which opponents assert will eviscerate critical thinking and generally lower standards in the name of inclusiveness and political correctness. Numerous examples have emerged of Common Core style exam questions which only serve to cause more confusion and frustration.

Perhaps the most infamous example of how Common Core will manifest itself in America’s schooling system was illustrated by a bizarre video in which a Common Core curriculum director said that 3 x 4 = 11 could be considered a correct answer so long as students could explain how they reached that number.

As the backlash grows, more and more states are considering abolishing Common Core altogether, with Indiana’s recent decision to ditch the program seen as a victory for conservatives.

“Well, the whole thing is that Common Core is an example of how the federal government wants to take over, totally and completely, the educational system – they’ve been doing this for a long time,” said Paul, agreeing that the program was about dumbing down the population and turning government into the guardian figure.

Asserting that Common Core represents “control over the individual education of all the children,” Paul noted that the program was about creating a population “as obedient as possible in case they need to send them off to war, in case they want them to work and pay taxes.”

“The whole thing is that “the state is sacred” and in order to have a state, the government, continue to grow, it’s always at the expense of liberty. So it is the big challenge and I think we’re seeing a conflict between these two movements,” said the former Congressman.

Paul added that the general trend of people becoming more dependent on the state was a major reason why Common Core was implemented with little consternation.

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